Dear Friends,

Thousands of kids now celebrate the Seder with the exciting, interactive enrichment toy - the Plagues Bag.

As a Jewish Educator, I strive to find ways to make our Jewish traditions come alive. Participation, novelty and ways to engage the imagination are key.

As the ORIGINAL Plagues Bag enters its tenth year, I know we have succeeded. Over 100,000 Plagues Bags have been sold. The toy has received accolades in the Jewish Press and numerous program awards have been bestowed upon the venture.

I hope you make the Plagues Bag part of your familys Passover tradition this year. Please contact me if you have any questions or would be interested in additional materials to help you use the Plagues Bag for fundraising purposes. Hurry the toy has sold out each of the last ten years!

Thank you and Chag Sameach!

Rabbi Boruch Klar

The Plagues Bag is a burlap sack that includes two plastic hand puppets of Moses and Pharaoh, an instruction card detailing how to use the Bag and outlining the nature of the reference to the plagues in the haggadah, and interactive toy representations of each of the ten plagues.

Examples are:

  • special sunglasses for the plague of darkness
  • a flipping frog
  • finger puppets for wild beasts
  • styrofoam balls for hail
  • a floppy cow for cattle disease